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Ocean Trace

27 reviews

A natural hydration mix that provides all the electrolytes your body needs. With zero sugar, carbs, preservatives or artificial colours. Everything you need, nothing you don’t.

  • World 1st – cOMx Complete Ocean Mineral Complex®
  • Raw minerals extracted from pure ocean water
  • Contains 165mg Magnesium in every serving
  • Plus over 70 naturally occurring Ocean minerals
  • Perfect for all diets including
  • Bioavailabe – Easily absorbed by your body for rapid utilisation
  • Make your own mineral rich electrolyte drinks
  • Add to smoothies, breakfast bowls, electrolyte treats and more
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan Friendly



Concentrated Ocean Water (cOMx), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide).

EDGE OceanTrace™ - The Worlds Most Complete Electrolyte Mix

OceanTrace™ contains a cutting edge multi mineral complex that was developed by our own team over a period spanning more than a decade. Why did we feel the need to develop our own mineral complex? It’s simple - until now, there was nothing like it.


With EDGE OceanTrace™ you won’t find just one or two minerals for electrolytes and you won’t find cheap mineral compounds sourced from Chinese manufacturers. We turned to natures source - Australian Ocean water. Why Ocean water? It’s simple – Ocean water is a very complex electrolyte solution that contains every naturally occurring element and it contains these in both safe and viable concentrations. This is the reason that more than 80% of all life on earth is actually found in our Oceans. Now this may be a compelling reason as to why we source our electrolytes from Ocean water, we have more, but non as compelling as the fact that Ocean water and our own blood plasma are almost chemically identical.

It takes hard work, years of Aussie sunshine and lots of innovation to make every single batch of our Complete Ocean Mineral Complex. We go to great lengths so that you don’t have to. With EDGE OceanTrace™ it has never been easier to hydrate more efficiently and to help meet your mineral needs in a way that is natural and affordable. With EDGE OceanTrace™ you get RAW Ocean minerals that are FREE from colours, flavours, sweeteners and fillers. EDGE OceanTrace™ is low in sodium, loaded with Magnesium and contains over 70 major and trace minerals in naturally varying amounts.

Use EDGE OceanTrace™ to make your own electrolyte drinks, or add it to juices, smoothies and breakfast bowls so that you can start your day on the right foot and bursting with energy. Make delightfully refreshing jelly treats that are just popping with REAL colour and flavour, leaving you feeling hydrated, energized and nourished at the same time. Simply follow our handy tips below. If you come up with some handy tips or recipes of your own then please let us know and we will share them

See how April Adams, WBA Oceania & WBO Asia Pacific Champion, uses OceanTrace™ to start her day

Here are a few handy tips and recipes that take no time at all to prepare.

Real Fruit Electrolyte Drink
No Added Sugar

Preparation time:
About 1 minute (seriously)

What you will need:
Freshly squeezed or quality bottled juice (Any Flavour)
EDGE OceanTrace™, water.

Directions: (500mL prepared)
Add 375mL chilled water (75% water) to bottle, shaker or glass, top up with 125mL fruit juice (25% juice), add 1 level scoop (half teaspoon) OceanTrace™ and shake/stir well.

Handy Tip

For more rapid hydration, we recommend a solution containing no more than 2.5% sugar in total solution. If you prefer or need more sugar then simply change our recommended ratio.

Sugar Free - Real Fruit Electrolyte Drink

Preparation time:
About 1 minute (seriously)

What you will need:
EDGE OceanTrace™
Freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice
500mL Water
Natural sweetener (optional)

Directions: (500mL prepared)
1 level scoop (half teaspoon) to 500mL (17 FL. OZ) chilled water, add lemon or lime juice to taste and shake/stir well. Sweeten with your choice of natural sugar free sweetener.

Handy Tip

Sugar free doesn’t have to be boring. Try adding some citrus fruit, mint leaves or a slice of cucumber.

Real Fruit Electrolyte Jelly Treats No Added Sugar

Preparation time:
10 – 15 mins

What you will need:
EDGE OceanTrace™
Unsweetened Natural Gelatine or Vegan alternative
250mL Freshly squeezed or quality bottled juice (Any Flavour)
250mL Water

Add 250mL water to saucepan, add 1 scoop (half teaspoon) OceanTrace™ and gently stir until dissolved, now bring water to boil. Add Gelatine and gently stir through until dissolved. Remove from heat and add your fruit juice and gently stir through until it looks about right. This should take a few seconds. Pour into bowl, mould or dessert cups and place in refrigerator until set. You can serve as is, or garnish with real fruit for extra colour and pop.  

Handy Tip

There are no rule here. Feel free to add more or less fruit juice depending on taste preference.

Also, add OceanTrace™ to your favourite smoothie, shake or meal.

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    Gerard L.
    Ocean Trace review

    Edge Ocean Trace has provided the missing part of the puzzle to maintain electrolyte balance during training and through the day whilst staying in nutritional ketosis. Great product and service. I’m very happy with the product and service from the company!

    Nick E.
    Australia Australia

    Works as well as name brands

    Kylie l.
    Australia Australia

    Excellent product - helps with my long rides and training for half Ironman - reduces muscle soreness and cramps