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Edge Electrolytes

174 reviews

Edge is a natural electrolyte powder that rapidly hydrates the body by replacing all the important minerals it sweats out.

• The world's first ocean mineral hydration mix
• Contains sodium, magnesium, potassium and iron
• Flavoured with real fruit, contains zero preservatives

Edge is a natural electrolyte powder that rapidly hydrates the body by replacing all the important minerals it sweats out.

• The world's first ocean mineral hydration mix
• Contains sodium, magnesium, potassium and iron
• Flavoured with real fruit, contains zero preservatives


What Is Edge

It’s the world’s first, and only, ocean mineral electrolyte mix. Edge contains over 70 minerals, all extracted from ocean water gathered off the Southern Australian Coast. This pure, natural source of minerals allows your body to absorb Edge quickly and efficiently.

How Edge Helps

Edge provides rapid hydration and replaces all the important minerals your body loses when you sweat, not just one or two like many ‘sports drinks’. It's made with real fruit, contains zero preservatives, artificial colours or flavours and is available in a sugar-free option. It’s a healthy, natural and a refreshingly fruity hydration option.

What To Expect

Based on the feedback we hear most often, expect - rapid hydration, boosted energy, more endurance, faster recovery, less cramping, less muscle soreness, sensitive stomach friendly, a complete source of minerals and a refreshing, natural, not too sugary flavour.

Why Edge Works

Think of electrolytes as the oil to your bodies engine, they’re essential in helping everything run smoothly within your body. For example, magnesium helps to convert food into energy, support your immune system, regulate your heartbeat and contract your muscles. Edge works by fuelling your body with all the important minerals it needs, in a natural, bioavailable form you can absorb and use properly.


Cane sugar, xylitol (sweetener), dehydrated lime juice, dehydrated blood orange juice, dehydrated berry juice and concentrated ocean water.


Double Lime

Double Lime Sugar-free

Blood Orange & Lime

Berry Infusion Sugar-free

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Peter F.

Not only do I not get cramps, but I can ride with confidence knowing I won't get them.

Jamie H.

I was amazed at how quickly Edge absorbed to replenish my energy stores.

Stephen B.

Helps with reducing the muscle soreness I was getting and has enabled my recovery time to improve.

Laureen K.

The taste is not extreme or sickly sweet, it was refreshing to drink.

John H.

Tastes great, mixes easy and due to the flavour makes it easy to keep drinking.

Peter B.

I've noticed I have more energy and am not feeling lethargic since taking Edge.

Using Edge

Edge works best when consumed daily. Depending on how often you exercise and sweat, we recommend 1 to 2 sachets a day. If you're exercising over 3 hours or sweating a lot, have 2 that day.

Timing & Frequency

We recommend a sachet in the morning to help with natural overnight dehydration and to ensure you start your day hydrated. For athletes, pre-loading the days prior and a sachet around 2 hours before an event is recommended. Please contact us for personalised hydration tips.


Q: Is Edge vegan?

Yes, all our products are 100% vegan.

Q: Is Edge gluten free?

Yes, all our products are 100% gluten free.

Q: Does Edge contain any banned substances?

No, Edge doesn't contain any banned or illegal substances.

What's in Edge

The ocean's minerals, real fruit, nothing else.


Essential Minerals








Real Fruit


Preservatives & Additives

How It Helps

What you'll feel when hydrating the right way.

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Sport & Performance

Rapid Hydration

Natural electrolytes that deliver hydration, fast.

More Energy

Be well hydrated and feel infused with steady energy.

Sharper Thinking

Feel focused and think with razor-sharp clarity.

Healthy Ingredients

Nothing artificial added, healthy ingredients only.

All The Electrolytes

Replace everything you sweat out, not one or two.

Energy On Demand

A rapid energy boost, when you need it most.

Better Endurance

More energy to push longer, harder and faster.

Faster Recovery

Everything your body needs to recover quickly.

Why It Works

When compared to a traditional 'sports drink'.

A World First

It's the world's first ocean mineral electrolyte mix. True hydration innovation.

22x The Electrolytes

Most sports drinks contain one or two electrolytes. Edge contains over 70+.

4.2x The Magnesium

Most sports drink contain zero. For the ones that do, Edge has 4.2x more.

Created Naturally

Electrolytes created in the ocean. Not formulated or put together in a 'lab'.

+ Bioavailability

A natural source of electrolytes that your body can absorb properly.

Zero Preservatives

Zero preservatives, artificial colours or flavours. Healthy, natural ingredients only.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews
4.9 Based on 174 Reviews
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Lisa O.
Australia Australia
Fantastic product

After being in the sauna and steam room I use to be drained of energy. But using Edge I feel good and dont need a nap.

Lyndell G.
Australia Australia

Being a migraine sufferer, these balanced electrolytes are amazing! They are the perfect package of hydration and minerals! Love, Love, Love them, Thank You!!

Dean B.
Australia Australia
Would recommend edge

Ive spent a bit of time looking for a decent electrolyte product and have found it with Edge, now i always have some ready to go. Perfect for working out or a big night on the sesh, edge makes me feel way better and keeps me hydrated af