The World's #1st Ocean Mineral Hydration Mix

Everything your body needs to feel, live and perform its best.

Hydrate smarter, live better.

• 70+ Essential Minerals
• 100% Real Fruit Flavouring
• Zero Preservatives & Artificial Colours

What's In Edge

Besides the world's finest minerals, of course.


Essential Minerals








Real Fruit




  • What Is Edge
  • Why Use Edge

Edge is the world’s first ocean mineral electrolyte mix. It’s a natural, healthy way to replace all the important minerals your body needs when you’re dehydrated, and not just one or two like many generic sports drinks.

Powdered electrolytes you mix with water and drink
70+ essential minerals, 22x more than leading competitors
4.2x more magnesium that leading competitors
Sodium to replace lost fluids and keep you hydrated
Magnesium to reduce cramping and boost performance
Potassium to replenish energy and increase endurance
100% real fruit flavouring, no artificial colours or preservatives

Edge is lab tested and verified, click here to see the results.

Most generic sports drinks contain sugar, preservatives, artificial colours and chemical fillers. As well as this, they only contain 2-3 of the important minerals your body needs to function at its best.

Not replacing all the 70+ minerals your body needs can lead to dehydration related symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, cramping and brain fog.


  • Regular
  • Sugar-free

Ingredients: Cane Sugar or Xylitol (XLT - Sugar-Free Version), Dehydrated Lime Juice (11%), Dehydrated Blood Orange Juice (6%), Dehydrated Berry Juice, Concentrated Ocean Water

"Electrolytes are to your body what oil is to a car, you need them to run."

What Edge Helps With

Did you know that 8/10 people are constantly dehydrated?

  • Dehydration
  • Performance

Edge helps to reduce dehydration related symptoms by fuelling your body with all the 70+ important minerals it needs. It quickly brings your electrolyte levels to a healthy, balanced range and rapidly hydrates your body allowing you to feel and live your best.

Mental Clarity

Fatigue & Lethargy

Painful Headaches

That 'Thirst' Feeling

Al the 70+ essential minerals in Edge play vital roles within your body. Fuelling it with the right balance of high quality minerals, therefore, leads to some incredible affects on performance.

Rapid Hydration

More Endurance

Less Fatigue

Faster Recovery

What They're Saying

Real people, real results.


Great taste

Cannot speak highly enough about the product. Easy to drink, not heavy on the stomach, great for drinking during the day as well.

Damir B.
March 27, 2019


Aided my recovery

I genuinely felt that Edge helped me recover from a very hot and humid bike ride. Great product. Great taste.

Gordon T.
March 17, 2019


Very easy to drink

I suffer from cramps a lot and general body stiffness, felt and feel so much better these days since using Edge, will be getting more for sure.

Kevin M.
March 2, 2019

Why Edge Works

No magic pills, potions or supplements, just science.

It's high in magnesium, because 75% of people are deficient.

According to the World Health Organisation, three in four people are deficient in Magnesium. A scary thought considering it plays a vital role in over 300+ vital bodily functions. Magnesium is responsible for:

- Regulating body temperature
- Maintaining normal hearth rhythm
- Maintaining normal muscle function
- Maintaining good bone density and strong teeth
- Enabling absorption of calcium

It contains 70+ essential minerals we don't get enough of from our diets alone.

Edge contains over 70+ essential minerals, including Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Chloride and more. These are minerals often overlooked in many modern diets, so it's no miracle that consuming them can lead to a healthier you.

The minerals are all natural, bioavailable and made in the ocean.

The minerals in Edge are all natural, untouched and highly bioavailable. They don't get tainted by a lab, production line or a pill press. Basically, they're all natural minerals your body can actually absorb and use.


Does Edge contain any banned or prohibited substances

No, Edge contains no banned or prohibited substances. It's full of all natural ingredients, only.

Is Edge gluten free

Yes, Edge is gluten free and safe for coeliac consumption.

Is Edge dairy free

Yes, Edge is dairy free.

Is Edge vegan

Yes, Edge is vegan and contains all natural ingredients.