About Edge

Who are we & what do we do

We are Edge Electrolytes, a company based in Brisbane, Australia who are leading the field in innovative sports hydration.

We create the world's first, and only, sports hydration mix derived from fresh ocean water and flavoured with real fruit.

Why is Edge made from ocean water

Ocean water contains some of the worlds purest minerals, until now they've been untapped.

It took us over a decade to figure out how to extract these minerals efficiently and harness their power in our electrolyte mix.

Edge is made from ocean water because the quality of electrolytes is far greater than anything found elsewhere.

How is Edge different from other sports drinks

Firstly, Edge contains over 70+ essential major and trace minerals in its Complete Ocean Mineral Complex (cOMx®). Most competitors contain an average of only 4.

Each sachet of Edge contains 150mg of Magnesium, or 4.2x more than most competitors. This Magnesium content is one of the strongest aspects of Edge as our competitors largely include zero in their formula.

Edge is one of the only sports drinks on the market that has a low Sodium content. 91% of people consume too much already, why add more?

Lastly, Edge is flavoured with 100% Real Fruit and contains Zero Preservatives and Low & No Sugar (in our Edge XLT Sugar-free Version).

Again, we're one of the only sports drinks on the market to include up to 19% Real Fruit in each sachet and have a no sugar version.

How does Edge work

To put it simply, Edge works by replacing what your body sweats out during exercise.

However, Edge does this more efficiently than any other sports drink on the market. See, the minerals in Edge come directly from the ocean itself. This means that they're all natural and your body absorbs and uses them faster and more efficiently.

Here are four simple steps to getting the most out of Edge:

1. Tear open a sachet of your favourite flavour.
2. Add your sachet to 500ml water.
3. Shake virorously until mixed.
4. Drink your deliciously hydrating electrolyte mixture.

What are the ingredients in Edge

Cane Sugar or Xylitol (XLT - Sugar-Free Version), Dehydrated Lime Juice (11%), Dehydrated Blood Orange Juice (6%), Dehydrated Berry Juice, Concentrated Ocean Water

Where is Edge made

Edge is made, blended and packaged at our state-of-the-art facility in Brisbane, Australia.

How will Edge help me as an athlete

Edge gives your body what it needs to perform at its best.

Among a plethora of other benefits, it will help you cramp less, hydrate better, boost your endurance and run/ride/swim/train faster, longer, stronger and harder.

Edge helps you be the absolute best athlete you can be.

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