Less cramping, more energy, faster recovery.

By fuelling your body with a balanced source of natural minerals - created in the ocean, not a lab.

9/10 Endurance Athletes Say Edge Increased Their Performance

What's In Edge


Essential Minerals








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How Edge Can Help

Reduced Cramping

Magnesium regulates your muscles and nerves and helps to reduce cramping.

Increased Endurance

Sodium and Potassium rehydrate you and replenish your energy levels.

Faster Recovery

Magnesium feeds your muscles the minerals they need to recover quickly.

Better Performance

Quality, bioavailable minerals help you feel and perform better, all-around.

Why Edge Works

No magic pills, potions or supplements, just science.

It's high in Magnesium, because 75% of people are deficient.

Magnesium is our secret ingredient, here's why.

1. It regulates muscle and nerve function, which helps to reduce cramping, muscle twitching and fatigue.

2. It aids in energy and protein production, which helps to increase endurance and allow faster recovery post ride.

It contains 70+ essential minerals often overlooked in modern diets.

Edge contains over 70+ essential minerals, including Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron, Chloride and more. These are minerals often overlooked in many modern diets, so it's no miracle that consuming them can lead to a healthier you.

It's full of natural, bioavailable minerals made in the ocean itself.

The minerals in Edge are all natural, untouched and highly bioavailable. They don't get tainted by a lab, production line or a pill pressing. Basically, they're all natural minerals your body can actually absorb and use.

What They're Saying

Real people, real reviews.

"Have to be honest, felt and feel so much better these days since using Edge, will be getting more for sure"

Kevin M


"Most impressed by the effect it had on me after a long ride, with no cramping when transitioning into the run afterwards"

Michael B


"Always suffered from cramping, since using Edge I am cramp free and get to enjoy the longer rides"

Gary E


"At over 100km's and 32 hours in, I had not experienced one cramp at all, my body was far from dehydrated"

Ben S

Ultra Endurance Athlete

"Didn't cramp all day after almost 6 hours of on and off footy, very refreshing and the flavour isn't overpowering"

Colin O


"Glad that there's a way to get so many vital minerals into my body and it tastes good too"

Anthony C


4 Things To Expect From Edge

We'd tell you ourselves, but our customers do a better job.

1. A refreshing flavour that isn't too sweet or overpowering

"Taste is not extreme, or sickly sweet, it's refreshing to drink" - Laureen K

"Tastes great, mixes easy and due to the flavour makes it easy to keep drinking" - John H

2. Rapid absorption and boosted energy, when you need it most

"Amazed at how quickly Edge absorbed to replenish my energy stores" - Jamie T

"Used when riding intensely and seemed to maintain consistency with my riding" - Laureen K

3. Less cramping, increased endurance and more enjoyable riding

"At over 32hrs and 100km in, I had not experienced any cramping at all" - Ben S

"Tried Edge over a week of riding, including a few 150km+ rides, no cramps, no dehydration" - David B

4. Faster recovery and reduced muscle soreness

"No cramps and recovering quicker than usual" - Dan V

"Helps with reducing muscle soreness and has enabled my recovery time to improve" - Stephen B

Why Edge Is Better

Here's what makes Edge better than leading generic sports drinks.

World #1st

Ocean Mineral Complex


The Essential


The Magnesium


Natural Ingredients

A word from our founder.

I've spent the last 20 years of my life researching the ocean's natural minerals. After thousands of tests (and a lot of blood, sweat and tears later) I finally figured it out and created Edge!

Nik Tokovic
Edge Founder & CEO


Does Edge contain any banned or prohibited substances

No, Edge contains no banned or prohibited substances. It's full of all natural ingredients, only.

Is Edge gluten free

Yes, Edge is gluten free and safe for coeliac consumption.

Is Edge dairy free

Yes, Edge is dairy free.

Is Edge vegan

Yes, Edge is vegan and contains all natural ingredients.

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