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What is Edge?

Edge is the world’s first ocean mineral electrolyte mix. We made Edge out of ocean water because it contains all the minerals your body needs, in the right quantities. Basically, Edge fuels your body with the right amount of all the 70+ essential minerals.

How does it help?

Edge replaces all the important minerals your body loses when you sweat, not just one or two like many generic sports drinks. All the 70+ minerals in Edge work to rapidly hydrate your body, allowing you to feel, live and perform at your best.

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Ingredients: Cane Sugar or Xylitol (XLT - Sugar-Free Version), Dehydrated Lime Juice (11%), Dehydrated Blood Orange Juice (6%), Dehydrated Berry Juice, Concentrated Ocean Water

What's In Edge

Besides the world's finest minerals, of course.


Essential Minerals








Real Fruit



How Edge Helps

The result of fuelling your body with the world's finest minerals.

  • Health
  • Performance

Sharp Thinking

Goodbye brain fog. Feel sharp and ready to perform your best.

More Energy

Spring out of bed in the morning with maximum energy.

Less Headaches

Balanced hydration = less dehydration related headaches.

'Thirst' Feeling

Thirst quenching electrolytes, flavoured with real fruit.

Rapid Hydration

A source of minerals your body can absorb and use, quickly.

More Endurance

A range of minerals that increase ATP (energy) production.

Better Performance

Every mineral your body needs to fuel elite performance.

Faster Recovery

Electrolytes are to your body what oil is to a car.

Why Choose Edge

Your sports drink was formulated over 40 years ago, for one.

The World's #1st

And only, ocean mineral electrolyte mix. Ocean water contains all the minerals your body needs, in the right quantities.

22x The Minerals

Generic sports drinks contain 2 to 3 minerals, Edge contains 70+. Everything your body needs, and more.

4.2x The Magnesium

The most important, and overlooked mineral. Most generic sports drinks contain zero, the ones that do, Edge contains 4.2x more.

100% Real Fruit

Real fruit for a healthy, refreshing, fruity flavour. Nothing added in a lab, no artificial colours or flavours.

Zero Preservatives

Preservatives, artificial colours and chemical fillers aren't an Edge. Natural, healthy and beneficial ingredients are.

70+ Essential Minerals

Your body loses a lot of minerals when you sweat. Generic sports drinks only replace 2 to 3, seem balanced?



Does Edge contain any banned or prohibited substances

No, Edge contains no banned or prohibited substances. It's full of all natural ingredients, only.

Is Edge gluten free

Yes, Edge is gluten free and safe for coeliac consumption.

Is Edge dairy free

Yes, Edge is dairy free.

Is Edge vegan

Yes, Edge is vegan and contains all natural ingredients.