Magnesium, The Most Overlooked Mineral

Magnesium, the mineral that 75% of people need more of. Here's why.

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Whereas most people consume excess sodium, the same cannot be said about magnesium. It’s estimated that ¾ of people do not consume adequate dietary magnesium, athletes included. Magnesium is required in hundreds of cellular processes in every system of the body.

Of particular interest for athletes is ATP, which is the building block for body energy. With strenuous activity, ATP is turned over quickly, andmagnesium demands are high. Research shows thatmagnesium deficiency can significantly limit athletic performance and athletes are especially susceptible to magnesium deficiency.

So here we find the opposite situation when compared to sodium. Since magnesium has no real effect on taste, many sports drinks aren’t magnesium rich. If performance is more important to you than just taste, then a product that is rich in magnesium should be your first and only choice.

Magnesium is especially important to athletes since it:

  • Optimizes muscle contractility
  • Improves muscle oxygen delivery
  • Facilities oxidative damage repair
  • Reduces inflammation